What have I learnt during my travels?

A lot of things actually. And here's the list of things to think about if you want to make a similar travel to me.

1. Go on tours sometimes.
Travelling alone can be fun most of the times. But if you never visited the country it might be a good thing to go on a tour just to see all the tourist things and maybe get to now some new people to hang out with some evenings. When I visited stockholm I went on a bout tour in the stockholm archipelago and I met the nicest family and we ate dinner together several times and it was great. 

2. Get that papers and PLAN.
You can't be too spontaneous. You can't just visit some countries at random you need to have papers to enter maybe or a visa just to stay for a few days. You need to know where you are going and for how long. Like I said some countries want you to have a travel visa for you too stay. And if you plan to work in a country for a few months or weeks you need to get a job visa. I suggest you do your research and make a plan where you are going.

3. Travel light. 
I try to only travel in one big backpack. If something is missing you can always buy it. Stuff like shampoo you usually get at the hotel or in some cases you just have to buy it. You can also look up laundry services and get your clothes washed. Or you can just buy new underwear and socks instead. 

4. Take a lot of pictures.
Well... This might be the best trip of your life you better make it last by taking millions of pictures to look at when you're home again.